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Hi! I'm a writer and I've written (and I'm writing) really many stories. One of those I love the most is "Be Reflected in my Eyes"
Actually I've finished the novel and I'm doing a graphic novel about it ;)
Hovewer I'm always working on many stories and projects! So feel free to check my gallery out! C;

The lands of wolves are tormented by a war that last from generations: the Forest Wolves are fighting against Great Grasslands Wolves, on the Southern Border, and against Tundra Wolves on the Northern Border. The war is terrible and it seems that nothing could stop it.
Hurit, a Forest she-wolf, finds and saves a Tundra pup (Aquene), raising her along with her mate, Mahkan, the Forest Packs Chief, and the other members of their pack. Aquene growns up with her brother Dyami (Mahkan and Hurit’s son), not knowing the truth about her origin and not knowing the anger that the other Forest packs have against her. Especially the anger of the Council of the Elderly.
But a day, Aquene and Dyami meet a stranger pup, Maska: he is a Great Grassland wolf, so much different from what they know about the Wolves he belongs to. Meanwhile, another Forest alpha, Nijen, tries to convince Mahkan to use Aquene as compromise for ally with the Tundra’s Wolves and to destroy the Great Grasslands Wolves.
But the Forest hides many other secrets, forgotten dark secrets .

:bulletblue: MORE INFO
[New] BRimE_Reasons, Title and Plot
Reasons of my Graphic Novel

“Be Reflected in my Eyes” is my main novel. I’m a novelist, not a comic artist. I’m doing a graphic novel about this story because I’m really slow at translating a complex test (I’m Italian) but I want to show my novel, so I found this way. Although I’m not a comic fan. ^^’ I’m NOT obsessed by wolves! If you look at my gallery you’ll see also other OCs of more different species. Everyone of them has got their own story, their own novel. Why did I choose to do a graphic novel about a wolf story? Well, I do it ‘cause that novel means really much for me. I wrote it for 4 years (I've started it when I was 15) and I chose to use wolves as characters ‘cause the wolf is a favorite animal of mine. I’m not “following the fashion” or anything else.
In conclusion: sorry for my English and for the quality of my graphic novel (I’ve never taken any act
Packs Physical Traits by Aquene-lupetta BRimE_TOCHi, guys! :D
Since many of you asked questions about my novel/graphic novel or formulated hypothesis about it, I decided to write a little table of contents :) I don't want to make spoilers like drawings and/or anticipating events (and this cost me so much XP) but I think that give you the name of chapters for the whole novel would be a sweet idea :meow:
The novel is divided in 3 main parts and the last 2 are the logest :) I may change just the chapters of the last part before I print the 3 books, the other chapters are the official ones.
After the Italian version you'll find the English one X3
PARTE PRIMA  - La Foresta
            I.           Il destino di una vita (Prologo)                                 

:bulletblue: MAP
BRimE and PoF_Official Full Map by Aquene-lupetta BRimE and PoF_Official Map by Aquene-lupetta

BRimE_Official Cover by Aquene-lupetta
BRimE_Poster by Aquene-lupetta

For the complete list see here ->…
:bulletpink: Forest Wolves
Hurit_New Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Baby Dyami_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Pup Aquene_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Pup Dyami_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Mahkan's pack members_GROUP 1_CHAR. SHEETS by Aquene-lupetta Mahkan_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Breik_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Nijen_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Tanus_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Reki_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Selif_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Lyall_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Dreil_Character-sheet by Aquene-lupetta Mhintu_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Lykos_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Iye_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Zanan_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Tshas_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Var_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Lak_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Janos_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Balkor_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Mojag_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Makawee_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Arytar_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Naalnish and Payta_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Sihu_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Viho_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Taregan_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Ahsal and Neemah_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Amadahy_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta

:bulletpink: Great Grasslands Wolves
Pup Maska_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Pup Calin_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Xan_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Nouska_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Pup Saba_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Nascha_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Myricae_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Waya_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Niras_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Maiara_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Ahiga_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Ahote and Adahy_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Nitis_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta

:bulletpink: Tundra wolves
Baby Aquene_Final Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta Laska_Character sheet by Aquene-lupetta
BRimE graphic novel - PAGE 1 by Aquene-lupetta BRimE_Page 2, ENG by Aquene-lupetta BRimE_ Page3 ENG by Aquene-lupetta BRimE_Page 4_ENG by Aquene-lupetta BRimE_Page 5_ ENG by Aquene-lupetta BRimE_Page 6 ENG by Aquene-lupetta BRimE_Page 7 ENG by Aquene-lupetta BRimE Page 8_ ENG by Aquene-lupetta BRimE_Page 9 ENG by Aquene-lupetta BRimE_Page 10_ENG by Aquene-lupetta MORE PAGES? Go here…

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

All my characters (still under costruction)

My Characters ListEDIT: Well, due my limited free time, I decided to work and upload only the refs of my most beloved characters, so this list is going to be shorter than what I've had planned in the beginning.
Currently under costruction!
It will require a looooot of time XP
:bulletpink:"BRIME" CHARACTERS:bulletpink:
All the refs can be found here (currently I still need to add more of them) ->
:bulletpink:"TP" CHARACTERS:bulletpink:
All the refs can be found here (link will be added once I can upload the ref without sploiling BRimE) ->
:bulletpink:WILD CITY:bulletpink:
All the refs can be found here (currently I still need to add more of them) ->

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

:spotlight-left: :gallery: :spotlight-right:

:iconpawbanner: :iconpawbanner: :iconpawbanner: :iconpawbanner:
:spotlight-left: ABOUT ME :spotlight-right:

I love to draw and to write since I was a little child but I really started to work on my characters and stories since I was 11 years old C: I totally adore to write about several diffent Ages, species and habitats and to draw my stories characters :D
I write stories cuz this is my way to travel through the Ages and the World and to taste some experiences I haven't tested yet or that I'll never be able to test :D I write and draw only for myself, i don't mind if the others like or not my works ... lol, this is not a job for me X3 To be famous never been a goal of mine.
I love to achieve a moral with each of my stories :)

My first goal in the art path is to draw all my characters refs in digital ... no jokes! XD I Always tried to work with digital but only few years ago I started to learn it by myself ... and, well, I'm drawing characters for many more years XD I have a lot of works to regain :D

My second goal is to print some of my illustrated books (only few copies for personal use X3) cuz I'd love to keep them as a gift for my children (no, I'm not a mother yet but i hope to have many babies one day :heart:) ... a sort of ^^

:bulletpink: I have really many passions. Animals, history and writing stories are a big part of my life. I have to admit that I'm a pretty studious girl and I've learnt to love different school subjects, such as literature, epic, history, math and science, music (Thank you, school? 8'D).
My favourite colors are: sky blue, green, yellow and lilac.
My favourite animals are too many to be listed here, but you can guess them from my gallery, lol!
I don't have any favourite kind of music/artist ... I've my personal playlist that's very various: there are OST from movies/cartoons, classic music, lullabies, original music by awesome people on youtube, various kind of old and new musics from Italian and foreign singers.
I can't stand injustice and power abuse, no matter what.


:bulletpink:Why do I write?
Although you'll not find many written pieces in my gallery (I'm too slow with translations XP), I'm mainly a writer than a picture artist and I'm proud of it :D So, I write:
- for myself, of course! I love doing it and nobody can stop me! X3
- because it's my personal way to "taste" some experiences that I may never be able to live;
- cuz it's a way to exprime myself ... every story and character is a part of me;
- cuz finally I can choose the way I like the most for a story (some of movie/books I watched/read had a good start and an end I didn't like XD);
- cuz a dream of mine is to write special stories for my children (hope to have many of them X3).

:bulletpink: Why do I draw?
Most of the reasons are the same above :D Plus:
- drawings are a great way to complete a story, in my opinion;
- I draw cuz it's always a big challenge for myself ... I will never be able to draw such great drawings, but this is not my dream ... my real dream is to illustrate my stories, using a simple style, as close as I imagine them. Believe me, when a drawing turns out as I wanted (trasmitting the feeling I want) I'm happier than if I had drawn a masterpiece! :D This is all I was looking for :):dummy:

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